The findings were to be completed at the turn of September and October 2013., And all indications are that this will not happen.

In the case of local government funds would be passed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (the National Fund) – as this concept is to be powered from it only recycling, rather than landfilling or incineration of waste. Less is more Deputy director of the department of waste management Boguslaw Brzdąkiewicz, the DGP said that ROP measures are to be supported for local governments. – In the ideal model we would like to pay only for the residents of mixed waste – Boguslaw Brzdąkiewicz notes. – I hope that the quality of selective collection will increase – marked. This fact is crucial, and will be even greater if the company marketing the package it will also pull out of the market within the system kaucyjnego. The waste suitable for recycling, for example. Plastic bottles of drinks or glass bottles and metal cans, will be outside the municipal level and, consequently, will count for levels of recycling recycling organization that will collect them, and not to the levels of selective collection, which they must comply with local governments.

Waste quantitatively governments will therefore have less, but the more difficult it will be to process, and therefore more expensive in the settlement. ROP adopted depending on the shape of the force so the municipalities change existing ways of dealing with waste. Winding import of carbon would be detrimental / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id; js.src = “” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, ” VT-SDK “)); / ** / O without self-government For now, however, as evidenced by the media industry, interest in the topic of local government seems to be small, and the September meeting in the Ministry of Environment was present only their one representative. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs have already move their own project – excluding funds collected within the ROP municipality. In European countries that have introduced systems capped, and there are 10 at the moment, the recycling of plastic bottles date back to 90 percent. – in most cases (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Finland) receiving packages from the market is just industry (they are centralized systems).

It is true that the Ministry of Environment has not yet taken a decision as to how the system will look kaucyjny in Poland, but the game also includes mandatory. – That may be compulsory and universal system or tool, from which manufacturers will be able to use – from the Ministry says Brzdąkiewicz środowiska.zobacz also: Fees for garbage grow in Poland, and the waste still remain in the woods »Drones new weapon inspectors in the fight against the mafia junk “the question has to be lighter so, so far as ROP will be a real relief for municipal waste economies? From the point of view of local government it is crucial. From Deloitte report shows that if the compulsory deposit covered bottles (PET), and other recyclable packaging: glass bottles, cans and composite packaging for liquid food, or tetra jail, it will cover approx. 30 per cent. packaging that goes to households. If you collected will be approx.

90 per cent. these packages, it will be approx. 6 percent. weight of collected waste. Mixed garbage Source: DGP The 6 percent. rain recyclable disappear so the weight of waste collected by local governments – assuming that necessarily take them out of the market industry (namely the organization of recovery). Will remain on the package which to process either will not work or recycling would entail additional costs of the separating operation the materials from which they are made. Much will therefore depend on whether solutions for the extended producer responsibility, eliminate them from the market.

Environment Ministry can do this by varying the amount of the fee for the packaging in which the products are marketed. Instead, it should reduce the mass of mixed waste – because, as indicated by the local government, now all the garbage pail on getting the materials suitable for recycling, and the cost of development of the same bottle in a waste container mixed or segregated differ several times. The project so far in the forest current leadership of the Ministry of Environment intends to complete the preparation of the project introducing extended producer responsibility by the end of this year, and the date that appears in conversations with officials, is in November. The parliament is to be voted on today, the government’s proposal to reject the first reading of civil bill giving parents the right to decide whether to send their children to school at the age of 6 or 7 years. Law and Justice deputy is outraged by the attitude of the coalition on this issue. “This is incredible, as the Platform and the Polish Peasant Party act of civil projects,” – she said. She added that they are the essence of a democratic state and they should not be rejected at the initial stage. Law and Justice deputy stressed that the solutions proposed in the draft law are civil right, especially since many schools are still not prepared to accept olds.

Besides – as she said – should apply a cardinal rule: parents decide when their children have to go to school. See also: Municipalities banned deferment of compulsory education for six-year olds »PO and the PSL for the rejection of the draft civil ws. olds” in the six-year parliament. Elbanowska: Give us the right to decide on the education of children »Law and Justice deputy also noted that the education system will eventually require even deeper reforms. It indicated that it is necessary to restore the 8-class elementary school and 4-year-old high school and look at the process for checking the baccalaureate. Debate on the draft amendment to the Civil Law on the education system was held yesterday. Clubs coalition – PO and PSL – contributed to reject a bill in first reading.

They ended in failure UKE’s efforts to create a system that assists clients in enforcing telecommunications network operators the quality of services. First UKE annulled a tender for the monitoring system service parameters fixed networks. Expresses concern now work on lengthening the memorandum, which, inter alia would lead to improve the quality of mobile internet. Meanwhile, a growing number of complaints to the Office of Electronic Communications by people dissatisfied with the telecommunications and postal services. In 2012. 8 thousand. people asked the office to intervene. With UKE data shows that a considerable part of the complaints concern the speed of the Internet.

As for the situation in which someone pays for the link speed, eg. 10 Mb / s, and, in fact, take the files from the network much slower. Used in agreements with the operators of the phrase “up to 10 Mb / s” means that getting the services of lower quality does not give rise to the termination of the contract or apply for a fee reduction. If złożymy complaint, the operator can answer that less data transfer rate is not the fault of the link, but for example. Our computer or software. The number of customer complaints, which affect UKE source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna The situation could improve official systems for measuring the speed links (we wrote about it at the beginning of August).

Unfortunately, by UKE announced a tender for the construction of such a tool measuring the speed of the internet was involved only one subject and offered a price that exceeded the budget projektu.zobacz: Orange launches Funspot: Plain Internet outside the home. It will be cheaper »Putting frequency portion of one player without an auction? Play and T-Mobile are protesting »No Limit On the front stagnation. Autumn operators under the sign of mobile internet »What’s next? – For the time being we do not plan to repeat the tender – says Jacek Strzalkowski, spokesman for the Office of Electronic Communications. He adds that the office is waiting for results signed in autumn 2012.

Magdalena Gaj by the president of the memorandum is to enable objective and recognized by all measurements of the quality of services in fixed and mobile networks. The document signed by 39 entities. The findings were to be completed at the turn of September and October 2013., And all indications are that this will not happen. In a communication published on the website of the President of UKE is concerned about the protracted work. The point is that operators can not agree on a method of measuring the quality of services in mobile networks and the principle of simultaneity testing. Moreover, some telecoms rejected previously worked findings. UKE Statistics indicate, however, that despite all worth it to advertise the quality of services.

Thanks to the interventions carried out by UKE and postępowaniom mediation in 2012. Office recovered for consumers more than 1.5 million zł. Part of this amount is a relief subscription obtained by people who complained about insufficient quality Internet connections. The town hall campaign announced Tuesday in a press release. “Due to the large impact of electric scooters on the daily functioning of the city, pending the entry into force of the provisions governing the status of these devices, Warsaw has prepared a campaign, drawing attention and convincing residents to careful driving, being considered for pedestrians and leaving devices in secure locations” – says . “We want to inform residents of our city about the dangers that result from reckless use of this new mechanical means of transport. Together we must take care of order in public space and their own safety and other road users – pedestrians, cyclists or drivers,” – stressed the Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Robert Soszyński . Town Hall points out, among others, the “carefree way,” the use of scooters. “Much of the speed they can achieve scooters, poses a serious threat to pedestrians. In addition, users pose a danger to themselves, moving around without a helmet and taking with him a second passenger” – warns miasto.zobacz also: Abandoned electric scooters: The problem that arises »Recipes for scooters accelerated, slowed to the” about the basic principles of the use of scooters in the town hall resembles spot.

Users of these devices should be careful of pedestrians, adjust the speed to the conditions and keep both feet on the scooter. Scooter to be left in a public place, which will not interfere, and posed a threat. Besides riding on scooters should carefully cross the road, use the equipment alone, and not to use them after drinking alcohol. Town Hall stressed that the scooters are not owned by the city, so their share, organize, maintenance and removal is the responsibility of the operators. It is up to them or to the Municipal Contact Center (tel.

Number 19115) should be reported cases of leaving vehicles to obstruct the use of the road. The application should convey the message to the operator that owns the vehicle. New regulations on scooters included in the draft amendment to the Law on Road Traffic published by the Ministry of Infrastructure in early August. It shows that electric scooters are to be treated as bicycles. You will be able to ride them on sidewalks only when there is no bike path. They will have to give way to pedestrians, and the speed limit will not exceed 25 km / h. They are less critical of the beneficiaries of the program “Family 500 plus.” For the success of the reform is considered 54 percent. of them, the opposite view is 44 percent.

In the case of not receiving educational benefits only 36 per cent. He considers that the reform is successful, and 56 per cent. It is of the opinion that it does not. Positive assessment of changes in the school prevail among the villagers, but also large cities. / DGP Respondents quite clearly indicate that the smooth introduction of double-vintage high schools are mainly the responsibility of the government. Ministry thinks otherwise. – Young people attending secondary schools is subject to an obligation of science. Local government must provide students enrolled in secondary schools / schools – emphasizes the ministry spokeswoman Anna Ostrowska. For local governments struggling with double vintage recruiting the most important conclusion from the survey is that it is not they were nominated as the entity primarily responsible for changes carried out in schools. – Three years ago, we warned what it is over, but the minister pushed with Zalewska forward.

Pointed out that the educational subsidy missing money, but in practice it was decided to support the own revenues of local authorities – says Marek Wojcik from the Union of Towns Polskich.zobacz also: Problem with access to schools. PNA calls for the immediate solution of the problem »Answers to the third question show that, despite the criticisms, most respondents do not expect to perturbations of the reform had a negative effect on the result of the PiS in the autumn elections. Weakening the ruling party expects 27 percent homeworkmarket. surveyed, less than a potential electorate of the opposition parties. – The biggest problems of the reform will not occur in areas where the PiS collects the most votes, because the problems we see in big cities – says Marcin Duma of Ibris-in. Starting a new zone coincides with the start + + hottest month of the holiday season, in which the number of aircraft movements increased strongly. With the completion of the project the number of booths has increased from 5 to 9, and posts from 10 to 18. Thus, the throughput of the zone almost doubled – to the release.

The airport reported that two seats have been specially adapted for the disabled, and all installed induction loops, hearing facilitating contact with obsługą.zobacz also corresponds Chopin Airport OCCP: Water for travelers would be cheaper “” This is the second of the three zones which we conducted the modernization. last year, for passengers disembarking from the aircraft by the sleeve finished the modernization of the arrivals level. Now we design work, which culmination will be the modernization of the last zone of passport control, which is used by passengers from importing from the CD bus “- said, quoted in the release Cezary Pytlos, a spokesman for the airport. The Communication recalled that the expansion zone passport control is important in the context of changes in the rules for crossing the external borders of the Schengen zone. April 7, 2017. Schengen Borders Code imposes on all Member States to carefully check each person who enters the territory of the zone or leaves. As a rule, summer holidays – as before – will began on Saturday, after the end of the annual didactic-educational.

In contrast, where the annual activities of teaching and education will end on Wednesday, the day preceding the public holiday, summer holidays begin on Friday after a statutory holiday. – We propose that each year the classes in schools will be ended on Friday after June 20, in this regard will not change anything.

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